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Thursday, September 29, 2011

... let's take a break for Love.

We cannot ignore the big pink elephant, i mean this place .. it screams i love autumn.
But, as you already know Her majesty doesn't just bring romantic leaves and inspiration, it also brings school.
Oh, warm that chair.
Okay, i don't mind.
As long as it's not messing with my freedom and my little creepy loved pumpkin. Yes, Him.
I'd much rather be under the blanket with him, warming each other or just sitting there in the beautiful silence, and drinking something warm.
Ah, cinnamon. Oh, apples. Yes, fall.
But don't you worry, i will find time for everything, for my lovely Love. My only sunshine.
Remember, do what makes you happy. Love every second of your life and keep that cute little smile on your face.
I love this place.


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