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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two in one: New Shoes and late birthday gift

I have so much to study this month, you have no idea, and that is the reason why i'm not posting anything.
I'm looking forward to February, for multiple reasons.
First, and most important - 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend!
Second of all, there's gonna be a new episode of The Walking Dead, i am so in love with this show and i can't wait for their pause to be over.
Third, i will start posting pictures of myself then and i will dedicate myself to this blog a little bit more.
And there is the obvious reason - all of the exams are going to end. FINALLY!

Anyway, since i felt so depressed these days, i am not going out much and i am surrounded by books, i needed something to cheer me up, so i went out for a short period of time, and i got myself a new shoes. Yey.
Girl's gotta do, what girl's gotta do.

There is something else that really cheered me up.
My best friend surprised me. I wasn't expecting her to bring me anything for my birthday, because i didn't have a celebration or anything like that, but she just showed up at my door with a present and a little peace of cake with a candle on it ( i didn't get a picture of that, unfortunately ).

She got me this rock 'n' roll clothes hanger, isn't it cool?
And also a scented candle.
The other candles were a late gift from my cousin.
They know i adore scented candles.

I swear i am done with these birthday-gift posts. :)

Oh and by the way, since i love photography ( i am an amateur :)) i will post some of my photographies now and then. Along side with The Thought ( or a lyric ) Of The Day.

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October Graves.


  1. Преслатки штикли, обожавам оксфордки, без разлика дали се на штикла или ниски.
    Исто и сликата е преубава!

    1. Јас не ги обожавав којзнае колку се до сега, од друга страна пак обожавам кафена боја и сите нејзини нијанси, и поради тоа си ги зедов, всушност :)
      И thank you за сликата :)

  2. thanks a lot, following you back! :)

  3. Чевлите се многу убави и како модел и боја.
    Можеш да ги носиш и преку ден, а и навечер, се комбинираат баш со се.
    Со здравје да си ги носиш. =)


  4. I already follow your blog, now it's your turn :)


  5. Убави ти се штиклите, премногу ми се допаѓаат :)
    Исто и многу оргинален подарок си добила .
    Имај убав ден =)

  6. great post & nice shoes :))
    Maybe we follow each other!? Let me know :) Greetings & happy weekend !

  7. Уф најпрекрасни штикли... достапни за во многу комбинации
    Интересен поклон:)


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