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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Changes, Changes

This post it's just an explanation why am i neglecting this blog.
And the answer is - I'm going through a major life changes. First of all i am moving into a new apartment.
It's close to where i live now, and I LOVE CHANGES, trust me - a lot! But... nostalgia is kicking as well as the excitement, because i've been living here for like 13-14 years, and it's not that easy.
But anyway, my love for changes is bigger than the nostalgia, so - i'm good.
And yeah, there's a lot of work. For example sorting out stuff, what should i take there, or not take, buying new things, like furniture etc. 
So this is the big change that it's keeping me away from my blog, but there are more reasons as well.
For example, i've been keeping some money to buy a new dslr camera, and i'll continue doing posts right after i buy it. 
And last but not least, i have a lot of exams therefore a lot to study, so i don't wanna be doing posts if i'm not completely dedicated to it.
So you can see, i'm torn apart between lots of different things, and i don't have time for everything.
But, stay tuned, i'll continue blogging in no time.

by: Dona Nedelkovska / October Graves.


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