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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sparkly Autumn Night

I feel very moody, hormonal, and bored for a few days now and all i've been doing is just sitting in my room and doing absolutely nothing productive. I'm not even listening to music or napping. No. I just sit there in front of the computer and stare at stuff for countless minutes. So, i decided to kill this boredom by creating cozy atmosphere here in my room and make a random post which will include my new studded pants, my old pastel sweater and my new notebook. Yeah, none of that makes sense but if you are here for a while you'll know that i love random posts about nothing in general, just stuff i like.
And i don't know what it is, but i am obsessed with buying notebooks, i just can't resist them. This is the 4th notebook i bought this month. The thing is i'll just use few, but that's it, the other ones are going to collect dust. But come on, look how cute it is.
Okay, back to the post. I edited the photos i took and used all these cheesy effects, but hey, blame it on the hormones.




  1. cute shirt!!!


  2. Slikite ti se preubavi <3


  3. Love your outfit & your blog:) newest follower! Hope you check mine out and follow back:)… only if you like it though!! xx


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