Saturday, October 5, 2013


I've said before, i am not a big fan of accessories and jewelry, but i love rings. And since i'm very picky and specific in what i love and like, only these 6 are my favorites which i wear all the time ( not all at the same time of course :)), except for the silver one, which i wear every day, with everything, i never ever take it off.

I love this one, because it's a present from my boyfriend.

As you can see, i prefer white or turquoise stones, they kinda go with everything i have in my wardrobe and i just love how they fit my hand and my tan.
Are you guys fans of rings with big stones, and which color do you like best?
And do you prefer silver or gold?
My answer is: SILVER!

Donna October Graves


  1. I love love your blog! The rings are all so pretty and I love how you photographed them on a vocubalery haha!

    xo Mel
    Anxiety | Depression | Panic Attacks

  2. Started following you on bloglovin :)
    xo Mel

  3. I totally prefer silver too! And turquoise, sea foam, aqua, and white are my favorite ring colors too! I adore you blog!! So precious!!
    Erin Nicole

  4. I prefer Silver!!
    I'm also like you when it comes to not wearing much jewelry however I have a few bracelets I constantly wear. Your ring collection is beautiful!

  5. I prefer silver even though I wear more gold jewelry, it's weird!

  6. I love rose gold jewellery :-) I don't wear many earrings etc but I love lots of little simple rings or a statement necklace :-)

  7. Those rings are amazing!!
    Sarah x

  8. Woow, you have so much amazing rings. The turquoise one is really beautiful. I need to get myself more rings like yours, they are stunning! :D

  9. Gorgeous rings, turquoise one is my favorite!

  10. Brilliant blog, great posts and beautiful proprietress! What to want more ...
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    Katherine Unique

  11. of course I want to follow each other, followed you via GFC:)

  12. I do love silver rings, and I love gold ones too...but i'm not as much of a 'ring' person, *gasp*. i'm much more of a necklace or earrings person, if anything....yeah jewellery isn't really my thing!


  13. Love all the rings!<3

  14. such pretty rings!!!
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  15. I LOVE the gold, but I also love the white stone. Great choices!
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