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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Current Obsession: Flowers

Yes, flowers. Not just floral print, but flowers in general. I've been obsessed with them lately, i take pictures of flowers everywhere i go, also vase with flowers is a must-have in my room.
And of course, floral print. I used to hate this print, but it grew to me over the past two years, and right now i absolutely love it! I bought these shoes today, and i couldn't decide which ones i like more, the white or the dark blue ones, so i bought both. :)
What is your current obsession? :)

Donna October Graves


  1. cute sneakers!!!


  2. Убаво си направила што си ги купила и двата пара! Нема да зажалиш :D
    И јас сум обожавам FLORAL, некако ми е типично за пролет и ми ја развеселуваат секоја комбинација ;)

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  3. Hello! I love your blog! I definitely follow you! <3


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