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Friday, May 23, 2014

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

These past few weeks i've been really busy with uni, studying for finals, and i don't have the time to blog... 
However, I am preparing some outfit posts that will be published soon, and until then i just wanted to post a few pictures of me and my friends, having fun with makeup and yes, pizza.
I was pretty busy doing their makeup and i had to take a selfie afterwards just so i can be included in the post, yay :)

But before we continue to the pictures i'd like to say something, that i've been keeping inside of me, but i think it's time to let it all out... Some of you may already know that i am studying dentistry, but lately i've been having second thoughts about it. AFTER 4 YEARS of wasting my time, i'm finally starting to realise that i don't know if applying to uni and studying dentistry was the right thing to do, and i still don't know what i want to be "when i grow up"...
And because not knowing what you wanna do with yourself is pretty hard, i think the right thing to do is try out your abilities in a different fields. For example - call your friends over for a pizza and force them to let you be their makeup artist for the day. :))
Joke aside, i'm seriously considering taking some makeup courses or applying to beauty & makeup school, or, improve my cooking skills. I love to cook and take pictures of food, i also have a cooking blog. So, there's that as well.
I'm not saying that i see myself as a makeup artist in the future, but having one more skill never hurt anyone. :)
All I want is to have a plan B in life - at least for a career.
Moral of the story is - be careful before applying to college/university/whatever, and be 100% sure in your decisions and choices. :)

No more pep talk, here are the photos that me and my friends took the other day. :)

See you all soon with an outfit/beauty related post.

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Me, again :P

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  1. oh i really want to eat those pizza! haha im starving... :)))


  2. Многу убави фотографии. Се надевам ќе решиш што сакаш да правиш понатаму и дека истото ќе биде успешно :**

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