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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer '14

I always think that summer time is gonna be perfect for blogging, since i'm free of university stuff, but when summer comes it gets crazy. For the past month or so i've been home, all in all, just for a few days.
I distanced myself from the internet, and i swear it has been therapeutic. 
To sum up what's been happening  and why my summer days are crazy - i was on a few roadtrips with my boyfriend, we were visiting some places we've never been to & we've been doing things that we haven't done before - just for fun.
Then, i was away at my grandma's country cabin for two weeks, because the nature there is so peaceful - i felt like i needed that peace for a while now, so i stayed there a bit longer than planned.
When i came back from there, i was working part-time at my dad's coffee-shop, because as i said before i am trying out different things, i am doing some changes, and i'm trying to be more spontaneous in my actions, so i wanted to try out something new.
When it comes to changes i also changed my hair - and now i have ombre.
After i finished working at the coffee-shop i went on a vacation, again with my boyfriend, and we had the best time ever.
I was also reading some awesome books, watching tv-shows and horror movies, babysitting my niece and what not.
I know that in my previous posts i mentioned that i'm doing an outfit post, but the place where the photoshoot was supposed to happen is under fricking construction so i guess it's gonna take some time until i manage to do so. I know that there are other places where the photoshoot can occur, but if you knew my town you'll understand what i'm saying and why that place is so important.
Enough talking, i wanted to share some pictures of my summer adventures. They are not perfect, but then again they are not supposed to be.

Until soon,

Donna October Graves.


  1. Буквално истото и јас си го велам кога доаѓа лето - дека ќе имам време за постови, а всушност немам време да се приберам дома. Еве, летово имам само 2 поста!
    Едвај очекувам некој твој, затоа што сликите ти се секогаш феноменални и тоа го обожавам кај тебе!
    Исто така, ти ја забележав косата на Инстаграм и едвај чекав да ти ја пофалам ;)

    Sanja's Burgundy Blog


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