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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oh My Gold!

Long time ago, i wrote a short post about jewelry and some of my favorite rings, and i remember saying that i prefer silver over gold. 
And that was the case, until recently. With time the golden color really grew on me, i bought few golden pieces, and now i'm obsessed.
Now i manage to combine the two, silver and gold, even rose gold, all together, which was unimaginable to me previously.
And not just jewelry, but make-up and nail-polish as well. 
I really think that golden eyeshadow, eyeliner and red lipstick are the perfect autumnal make-up.
These are some of my "golden" favorites and just a few items i like to wear these days.
What is your favorite color/item this autumn, whether is jewelry, make-up or clothing?

Until Soon.

Donna October Graves


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