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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Feel Good Sunday | Countryside Walk

Remember when i used to do Feel Good Saturday posts? Me neither :).
I really enjoyed making those posts, but then i stopped due to certain life situations...
And i had a great day today, the weather was nice and sunny, and me and my boyfriend went on a mini road trip, i took a few interesting photos and i figured i would do a Feel Good post, it doesn't have to be Saturday, right? :)
Anyway, i really enjoyed the sun today, because even though spring is nearly here, the weather is still breezy and cold and sunny days are rarity.
So, after the walk we went on a healthy-food shopping spree, bought some hummus, coconut oil, almond butter, and all kinds of goodies and i can't wait to try them or create some healthy recipe which i'll post here.
I actually have two exams this week and i'm kind of acting like i have better things to do, for example i've been binge-watching horror movies / TV shows and cooking instead of studying and i spent the entire time today walking around soaking the sun...
But a sunny day is always a priority, am i right? :)

Until Soon.

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