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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Makeup Essentials Update

Few days ago i realized that some of my products that i use on a daily basis are almost used up, so i went on a mini haul and bought these few products, which are basically essentials. I went on a limb with these products, because i haven't used some of them before and i didn't even read any reviews, i just wen't out and bought them. I love Rimmel London products, so i figured i'd love this foundation as well. I will try to do a review of the products i haven't tried before, so it's gonna be something like a "first impression" post. I hope that they won't fail me, since i'm so excited to try 'em out. And if you're wondering why i didn't play safe and didn't buy products that i've previously used, honestly, i got kinda bored and i just felt like trying out new things - with the exception of the pressed powder and the eye shadow base.
That's it for now, i didn't plan to write anything, this post was just meant to be an update of my makeup collection and a few photos that i took of these new goodies that some of you might find helpful if you want to try something new but you have no idea what it is that you want a.k.a. "i'm bored and i'm gonna browse through blogs and makeup/beauty photos". :)

Until Soon.

Donna October


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