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Saturday, November 21, 2015

25 Facts About Me

1. I love horror movies.
2.  My favorite music genre is alternative rock, but i also love trance/electronic music, and country/folk rock.
3. I'm a cat person.
4. I have two tattoos and i plan on getting more.
5. I'm a Capricorn / Scorpio.
6. I am a vegetarian for two months now. 
7. I am actually a Doctor of dental medicine, i graduated this year.
8. I prefer coffee over tea.
9. I'm very interested in the paranormal, i love to read parapsychology books and other mysteries.
10. My hobbies include cooking & photography. 
11. I do yoga and i'm in love with it.
12. My favorite band was, is and always will be Placebo.
13. I got my first tattoo on July 13th, 2015, and my second one November 13th, 2015.
14. I prefer savory over sweet food.
15. My favorite food is pizza. And pancakes.
16. Even though i love horror movies, my all time favorite movie it's not a horror. It is Wristcutters: A Love Story.
17. I love books and i mostly read thrillers/mysteries.
18. My favorite author is B. D. Benedikt. 
19. My favorite song ever is The Bitter End - Placebo.
20. My favorite colors are purple and black.
21. I have weird obsession with gas stations. I love visiting them and love taking pictures of them. I guess it has something to do with my love for horror movies, cause we all know, every good horror movie has a scene in a gas station. :)
22. I love nature, hiking and road trips.
23. My favorite season is autumn, but i also love spring. My least favorite season is summer.
24. I am very indecisive and i often change opinions about things.
25. I was named after a song. And the nickname October comes from a character from the movie Stay Alive, which i really love and i used to be obsessed with it, and i started using this nickname since the first time i saw the movie, back when i was in high school.

Until Soon.

Donna October ©


  1. Great photos dear!


  2. Thank you for comment on my blog, i follow you via gfc per Babsi and Google+ per Babsi1008, please follow me too :))))


  3. Great post dear =)


  4. I love how you started the list with the horror movies haha I love them too!


  5. Great post kiss


  6. this is such an interestng post! have a lovely day ;)


  7. Very interesting and your tatoo is really great!

  8. Gosh, you look absolutely stunning! Nice to know we've couple in common. I'm a Scorpion & love horror movies too! xoxo

  9. I love oatmeal and alternative rock. And what does your tattoos mean, Donna?

    Cheers from the Philippines!
    - Seyra

  10. Nice tattoo!


  11. I prefer savory over sweet food too! I also enjoy coffee over tea :-)
    I like your blog!


  12. Funny how every capricorn I know loves purple, including me. We have so much in common :) Have a nice day


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