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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Feel Good Saturday ~ Silver Sun ☼

I got used to going on mini road trips or hiking every weekend, especially when it's a sunny day like this bright and shiny Saturday, but today i'm gonna stay at home and spend my day on the internet, watching some Tv-shows/movies, listening to music or binge watching youtube videos. Why you ask? It's because i'm feeling a little bit under the weather, probably cause i ate ice-cream just a few days ago and i mean come on, it's February, what was i thinking, d'uh. Joke aside, i really need a day off just to relax and do nothing, because i'm so busy and all over the place over the week. And even though today is such a beautiful sunny day, and i'm very tempted to go out, i won't. Usually, on a days like these, when i'm staying home i clean my room or do something productive, but not today. So, it's gonna be a relaxed Saturday ☕...
And here's photo of myself casually lying on my bed ( which is not even mine, i'm in my parents' bedroom cause my room is currently under construction, but let's not go there, it's a totally different story ) with my jeans on, ofc, totally normal. Oh, the things i'd do for an instagram photo.
Have a nice day everyone!

Until Soon.

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