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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Delicate 🌼

I used to think being indecisive is my worst trait, because it used to fuck me up and all those times i couldn't decide what i want - starting from little things to huge life decisions, in general, it made me feel like shit, you know.
As times goes by i realize it's not that I'm indecisive, it's just i want lot of things at once, i have a lot of different interests, lot of things attract my attention - BUT now i have a problem with the attention span. I get bored with things so easily. My ability to be fixated on one thing and being obsessed with it, and then waking up the next morning and being over it, it's incredible.
But the most important thing about this is that i've learned to embrace it. I used to care a lot and think a lot, analyze stuff and end up feeling bad and guilty for some reason. Now i just go day by day. Whatever i want today, i do it. If i don't want it tomorrow, fine.
While i was searching for a song for this post ( cause i never just use a random song, i always want the song in the post to make sense and to explain my current mood perfectly ) and Clementine by Sarah Jaffe started automatically on Youtube. And you know how sometimes in life things just happen. Just click. Just fit perfectly and everything makes sense all of a sudden. That happened.

Until Soon.

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  1. Комплетно исто се чувствувам кога се работи за attention span! Многу се пронаоѓам во твоите текстови. Фотографиите се совршенство ***

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