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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nature Love

Here i am, in front of my computer with my morning coffee, and instead of getting ready for work - for which I'm gonna be late as always because - internet, i am browsing through nature and hiking photos, cause i just miss doing that so much. I used to hike a lot and i have a lot of posts about it, but the winter was so long, and now i'm so busy, i don't know when I'm gonna do that again, but i will, no doubt about it.

While i was browsing through web sites i came across this article, and oh my, talk about a wishlist.

Check out all these beautiful places!

You know how they say - so many places, so little time. Damn.
I like to think and to believe that someday in my life, eventually, I'll visit every place i want and i have in mind.

So, as I'm longing for nature and outdoors, here's a photo of me just few days ago. I wish i was in that flower field right now.

But, reality check, just get up and get ready for work Mrs. October!

Until Soon.

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