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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Feel Good Saturday ~ Too Many Feels

How can something be so good and so bad at the same time?
How can a certain time of your life be the best, most exciting, but at the same time, let's say - shitty.
For example, these past few weeks.
First of all, it's finally spring, right. I was looking forward to it. And spring brought me some surprises. Like, i officially started working as a dentist, and even though i'm so busy with that part of my life, i'm also very committed to my photography and this blog, i have lots of plans on that field as well.
And I am not complaining, i love working and being productive, no matter how many hours of the day it takes.

Then, I met some incredible people. I feel like every spring i meet a certain person that changes my life, and this spring was no exception.

And last but not least, something very important to me - I didn't lose my creativity because of sleep deprivation and being tired, but i started having issues with other things because of that. Like, my freaking health. I mean, the stress and change of lifestyle affected my body in ways i didn't expect. And even though i feel good in general, i had/currently have some issues that i need to sort out to feel great again and enjoy everything else.

I'm not gonna say I'm surprised, cause i just know my luck and I'm used to this. Nothing good in my life came easy. Ever. But i guess life would be boring if it was just a straight line, right? Don't answer that.

And let's not forget: "It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better."

I don't know how this post looks like, it's supposed to be positive, as always, because even though I currently have mixed motions and chaotic lifestyle, i try my best to keep my shit together. 
It's called Feel Good Saturday for a reason.

So, yeah.
That's enough rambling for today.

Until Soon.

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