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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Time Off

When you get to a point where you lose focus, trying hard to get it back will only make things worse.
The best thing you can do for yourself when life gets messy, or not life, just your head - give yourself a break. A time off. Away from the world, the internet and mostly, away from people.
Nature is the best option. It's so quiet and perfect for getting your shit together.

So i did that, last week. I was offline for 5 days. For an internet addict like me, that's a lot and I'm proud, lol.

Umm... So, for 5 days I was only doing 5 things: Read books, ate strawberries, drank beer/cocktails, meditated and one other thing that I won't mention, cause I'm not sure it's legal. :))

I was reading this book with some great quotes in it, and it really helped me and gave my life a new perspective. Now I'm very motivated to work on some things I have in mind and make them happen, and I actually started working on them as soon as i got back. 

Most importantly - i got my focus adjusted and cleared my mind.

I'm gonna end this post with a quote that makes me smile everytime:

 'You can't squeeze blood out of a stone.'

Remember this and your life will be easier.


Until Soon.

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