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Monday, May 7, 2018

Thessaloniki, Greece ~ & Taking a Break

Last week I went to Greece with my friends, and every trip I take has two sides of the story: the one you show to social media and the real one behind the scenes.
It's funny how everyone wants to portray how perfect their life is, through all the "flawless" traveling photos, but why nobody ever talks about the behind the scenes? The fact that you're tired as f*ck, you're feeling uncomfortable 90% of the time, whether you're traveling with a car, a plane or a bus, or whatever. Your makeup is all over the place, your clothes and hair are messy... But honestly, those moment are the ones that count. The uncomfortable sleeping positions in the bus; laughing with your friends because you're tired so everything seems funny; the breaks you take at every gas station; the places you see and the food you try - but you're enjoying the moment so much that you're not even taking pictures. 

Those moments that never make it on social media are the ones that count.
For example:

 I guess this is the rule and applies for everything in life, not just traveling.

Also, I'm taking a break from social media ( spending less time would be the better term tho ). I guess I'll be posting some photos here and there on instagram, but I need a break from distractions, because I am working on something important in my personal life which requires 100% commitment and focus, and with me being online 24/7, that's not really possible. So, a little break.

Until Soon.

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