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Saturday, February 19, 2011

... and yes, i love you.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

...it's been a year.

Who new February could be so... suprisingly lifechanging. Rainy day. Rainy night. One umbrella, two people. Beggining of a fairytale. The timing that night was so perfect, you were right where you should've been, and i came right on time. I don't know about you, but i call it ...fate.

Months passed, May came. I say that May was pretty shiny month. Especially 2nd of May. The black and white picture that our friend took, the one photography with a certain shade of green. Art, love.. The picture says a thousand words.
Oh, the summer. Summer 2010, always in my heart. Million horror movies + freedom + You = PERFECT.

Hot summer nights. I know a place where we can go, through the woods a place that noone knows. Memories. <3

I think of July.July? Remember that time when we were in the cold water, up on the hill, while the sun was burning, it was so bright, the memory still is...
I remember every second, i still know exactly how i felt. I don't love just You, i love Our past..and hopefully Our future.

Remember that night, it was late August, the summer was slowly ending, and so was our Freedom. Remember all the people, the baloons, the drinks, and the places.
Smile. We were smiling. We were happy and free. So many hours passed, but it felt like tiny little two seconds. Time really flies.. only when we're together.

 Our Freedom may be gone, but we won't ever be.

 It's been perfect... still counting, though. 19 <3
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