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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sleeveless Denim & A Pop of Color

Orange Nail Polish - Maybelline COLORAMA #155
Lipstick - Avon - Matte Fuschia 

                                                                           Donna October Graves
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Review of the day: Avon

Recently, i ordered a few product from Avon, the perfume Herve Leger Femme and two matte lipsticks, and they arrived today, so i figured it would be nice if i do a review on the lipsticks because they are a new collection, and my opinion might be helpful to some. :)

The lipstick collection has other lovely shades like: Matte Peach, Matte Nude, Matte Melon, Matte Mauve, Matte Grape, Matte Rose, Matte Merlot, Matte Ruby, Mate Fuchsia and Matte Blossom.
I got the last two, Matte Blossom and Matte Fuchsia, of which i got only a sample, because i wasn't so sure if the color would suit me.

The Matte Blossom one is a gorgeous light pink color, with blue undertones, it seems like a very "cold" shade of pink. It is very pigmented, and light, and even though it's matte lipstick it doesn't dry the lips, as other matte lipsticks do. It goes great on darker skin colors, and it's absolutely perfect for spring and summer, and perfect for daytime - you could wear it absolutely anywhere, because the color is soft and not over-the-top.

The Matte Fuchsia is AMAZING! It is the brightest pink lipstick i've ever tried. It is insanely pigmented and it seems like it lasts forever. The formula is lovely, as i said it doesn't dry your lips, it is perfect for daytime, but for night time as well.
So if you are looking for a bright pink, girly, long lasting, very pigmented and affordable lipstick - this is the one!

When it comes to Herve Leger Femme - i wanted this perfume for years, but i was always hesitating wheter to buy it or not, and so i finally got it.
First of all, the bottle is the cutest!!
Second of all - When i read the description for this perfume in the catalogue it said that it is a woody-floral scent, with vanilla undertones. I personally, HATE vanilla and sweet perfumes, also i can't stand strong floral scents, but there was just something about it... :)
And since i am more into citrus scents and freshness, this is a bit too strong for me, but it is perfect for night time. It's very elegant and i think i could get used to it... in time.
Also, as i said, the description of this perfume is woody-floral, but to me it's a very potent powdery perfume, with a hint of spiciness.
As the time passes the aroma gets a bit softer, and it's not so strong as it is in the beginning, but still - have in mind that it is a pretty strong, serious scent. 

That's all folks! :) Hope you find something helpful! :)

Donna October Graves

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Current Obsession: Flowers

Yes, flowers. Not just floral print, but flowers in general. I've been obsessed with them lately, i take pictures of flowers everywhere i go, also vase with flowers is a must-have in my room.
And of course, floral print. I used to hate this print, but it grew to me over the past two years, and right now i absolutely love it! I bought these shoes today, and i couldn't decide which ones i like more, the white or the dark blue ones, so i bought both. :)
What is your current obsession? :)

Donna October Graves

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Sunday, April 6, 2014



Eskandar boat neck shirt
$655 - liberty.co.uk

Retro top
$27 - emp-online.it

Lace up oxford

John Lewis black satchel purse
$65 - johnlewis.com

Wallis bracelet jewelry

David Yurman charm pendant

Donna October Graves

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