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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Foggy Sunday Chat

My blog is my diary. I don't know if some of you like posts like this, but i feel like talking. These days, or more like these past few months have been very weird for me. My mood was like a rollercoaster, more on the down side.
I don't know if the cold, dark weather got the best of me, or the stress, or it's just my difficult personality. I think is all of those combined, mostly the last, because i've always been like this.
When i was a teenager i thought being difficult means that you have strong personality, and i didn't think it was a bad thing. Now that i am a bit older, hence wiser, i realize that being difficult means only one thing - you're gonna have a bad time... in life in general. You and others around you. 
Unfortunately, even though i am aware of my moody personality, i can't change who i am and how i feel completely. Of course i have good days, i'm not always like this, but i felt big pressure these past few months, and i kinda broke down. I lost my motivation, i cancelled all of my plans, i rarely go out, i don't feel like blogging...
I've never talked about my anxiety issues before, and i'm not gonna go there now as well, because i've been trying some things as a healing process, and one of them is not talking about being an anxious person. A denial, if you will. I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do, but it's kinda starting to work...

~ Music says what words cannot... This is it:

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