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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


As i mentioned in one of my previous posts, i changed my hairstyle few weeks ago, and now i have ombre.
That's why i wanted to do a quick post about hair care - avoiding split ends & more damage, as it's already damaged from the bleach.
Even though blonde hair is very high maintenance, i managed to find few amazing products that are easy to use and aren't time consuming.

1. Mild shampoo - i wash my hair every day, or at least every other day, so it's important to me that i use mild shampoo that won't make my hair heavy and greasy the minute i step out of the shower
2. Conditioner & mask for blonde hair - the most important step. The key word here is for blonde hair, because those products have pigments and chemicals that keep the blonde hair bright, healthy and reduce the yellow residues.
I use Balea Glossy Blond hair balm, and it's absolutely amazing. It makes my hair soft, shiny and easy to comb. 

3. Extra care - hair oils. I've tried using hair oils before, and i never liked the effect. But my hairdresser recommended Orofluido witch is mixture of three oils that are good for the hair - Argan, Cyperus and Linseed oil. I apply it on damp hair, and sometimes on dry hair, if i feel the need to do so. This product is not like other oils - it has a light texture, it absorbs rapidly and it smells lovely. 

4. No heat - i know that sometimes is absolutely impossible to skip this step, but it is really important to give your hair a break from blow-drying, straightening, curling, and all the things that include heat.

And that's it. :)

                    Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick - Deep Orchid

Until soon, 

Donna October Graves

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Beauty Essentials

  • Carroten CC cream - the reason why i bought this product is because it has SPF 50, and i really wanted to use something light on my face, instead of a heavy foundation. It's an amazing product, it makes the skin glow, it hides some small imperfection of the tan. It's a must-have product for a reason.
  • Rimmel London - Stay Matte Pressed Powder - this powder, when combined with the Caroten CC cream, makes the face like porcelain. It's one of my all-time favorite products, not just this summer, so i highly recommend it if you are in a search for a good pressed powder.
  • Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara 
  • Avon glimmerstick - brow definer - dark brown. I've been using this eyebrow pencil for a year now and i am very pleased with it.
  • Avon eyeshadow palette - Mocha Latte - These four colors are basic for a summertime makeup and perfect for a fresh and bright summer look. My absolute favorites are #1 and #3. Occasionally, i'm using #2 for my eyebrows, and i really like it, it defines the brows without making them look fake.
  • Maybelline Baby Lips - Peach Kiss - we all know that hydration is very important for the lips, and this lipbalm is not only hydrating, but it has the cutest shimmery shade that gives nice color to the lips, and you don't have to use some heavy lipstick during the hot summer days.
  • Planet Spa Body Scrub - Brazilian Acai & Berries - this smells heavenly. And not only it smells great, it takes care of the skin, leaving it smooth and soft, and i smell like berries hours after using it. And i'm in love the the gorgeous purple color.
  • Eveline 8 in 1 nail conditioner - last but not least : nail care. My nails got very fragile this summer, and i heard my sister talking about this product, so i decided to try it. And it's awesome. You can see massive results in just a week or two. I also use it as a base coat before applying some other nailpolish, and that way my manicure lasts longer.

Even though the summer is almost over, i recommend all of these products, because a good product is a good product no matter the season.

Donna October Graves

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer '14

I always think that summer time is gonna be perfect for blogging, since i'm free of university stuff, but when summer comes it gets crazy. For the past month or so i've been home, all in all, just for a few days.
I distanced myself from the internet, and i swear it has been therapeutic. 
To sum up what's been happening  and why my summer days are crazy - i was on a few roadtrips with my boyfriend, we were visiting some places we've never been to & we've been doing things that we haven't done before - just for fun.
Then, i was away at my grandma's country cabin for two weeks, because the nature there is so peaceful - i felt like i needed that peace for a while now, so i stayed there a bit longer than planned.
When i came back from there, i was working part-time at my dad's coffee-shop, because as i said before i am trying out different things, i am doing some changes, and i'm trying to be more spontaneous in my actions, so i wanted to try out something new.
When it comes to changes i also changed my hair - and now i have ombre.
After i finished working at the coffee-shop i went on a vacation, again with my boyfriend, and we had the best time ever.
I was also reading some awesome books, watching tv-shows and horror movies, babysitting my niece and what not.
I know that in my previous posts i mentioned that i'm doing an outfit post, but the place where the photoshoot was supposed to happen is under fricking construction so i guess it's gonna take some time until i manage to do so. I know that there are other places where the photoshoot can occur, but if you knew my town you'll understand what i'm saying and why that place is so important.
Enough talking, i wanted to share some pictures of my summer adventures. They are not perfect, but then again they are not supposed to be.

Until soon,

Donna October Graves.

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