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25 Things I've Learned in 25 Years

25 things I've learned in 25 years... but mostly in the last few years. :)
It was my 25th birthday few days ago ( January 10th ), and being 1/4 of a century years old i have my own wisdom to share with you, and mostly with myself, to repeat all of these things once again.
So, shall we?

1. You understand your problems more than anyone else. You should remember this for when you feel bad cause nobody understands you. That's okay, because you are you, only you are with your thoughts and feelings 24/7. Take your own advice.
2. You are your own best friend.
3. People ALWAYS have a reason for why they behave like they do.
4. Therefore you shouldn't judge anyone.
5. It's not selfish to put yourself first.
6. Negative experiences will pass and eventually you'll laugh about them.
7. Never say never. But, no, really.
8. You are not supposed to change yourself just because people expect you to do so.
9. It's okay to change your opinions.
10. Fear can be your worst enemy if you let it.
11. People do stupid things when it comes to love; we should be more understanding.
12. You can't change people, but some people can change you. This is some deep s*it right here.
13. You shouldn't waste your precious time for people that don't deserve your attention.
14. Miracles happen when you least expect.
15. But "as long as you want something so bad, it's not gonna happen. it only happens if it doesn't matter. " 
16. You can't change other peoples opinions of you no matter how hard you try to prove them wrong.
17. Or feelings.
18. You should stop expecting and assuming that other people think like you and have the same view on things.
19. Don't trust things that seem perfect.
20. I love learning and trying out new things, i'm happiest when i keep myself busy with art or the few other hobbies i have.
21. No matter how much life experience and knowledge you have, there will always be someone who will surprise you.
22. I always go with my emotions, i always include my heart and soul into everything i do, and even if that makes me vulnerable, i don't really care, i enjoy being a sensitive and emotional human being.
23. Art is life. Without any kind of art in your daily life, you are a "dead" person.
24. Nature is magical.
25. I still make mistakes. Even tho I've learned all of these things and more, i still make stupid and irrational decisions. But i'm OK with it. At the end of the day, it is Ok.

And here is my birthday cake y'all :)

Until Soon.

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