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Friday, June 20, 2014

Road Trip, Ghost & Iron Maiden Concert

Few days ago, June 17th, me, my boyfriend and my friends went on a long road trip, or to be precise a 6-7 hour drive just to see the Iron Maiden concert in Belgrade. We had a few free hours before the concert to go on a sight-seeing around Belgrade, but the weather was awful and we didn't get to see or do much. 
But even though the weather was awful and i was so tired of the long ride, when we finally made it to the concert i ended up having the best time ever! 
Ghost ( Ghost B.C. ) were the warm-up group, and i didn't know about them before the concert, it was the first time for me to hear their songs - and I LOVED IT!
Then, Iron Maiden kicked *ss!
Those three hours of adrenaline rush were worth every sleepless second i spent that day, and let me just say, i didn't sleep for 24h straight!

Donna October Graves

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Current Obsession: Denim Dress

Saw It. Loved It. Bought It.
My favorite way to wear this dress is with these floral shoes: http://octobergraves.blogspot.com/2014/04/current-obsession-flowers.html , or just with plain white converse.

I think a denim dress is a must-have for summer time.
What is your must-have for summer or just a staple clothing piece for this season?

Donna October Graves

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