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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Floral and Converse?

When it comes to my style, or favorite outfits it's always the same. I love mixing girly,sweet and delicate pieces with something rough and edgy. For example i love romantic dresses with combat boots, or in this case floral leggings with dark red Converse. 
Comfortable all the way!
I also wore these leggings with high heels last week, and i loved that look as well, but i feel that this describes Me more. Because you know that sometimes no matter how good some outfit looks on you, you just don't feel that way and the most important thing is how YOU feel while wearing something, and not how you actually look. At least that is my opinion. :)

'Till next time.

by: Donna October Graves

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Four Favorite Lipsticks

I'm not exactly back making posts, my life is still at chaotic point where i don't have time for everything, but at least i bought a camera that is going to make blogging easier in the future, when i dedicate myself to it 100%.
For now, a short review about my favorite lipsticks, or the ones i am wearing most often.
So, the lipsticks in this post are:

  • Rimmel London/Kate Moss Matte Red Lipstick - 111 Kiss of Life;
  • Essence Nude Pink Lipstick - All about cupcake #53;
  • Classics Lipstick #153 - Purple/Wine color;
  • Manhattan Orange Lipstick #34N

This matte red lipstick by Kate Moss is by far my favorite one, because of the texture and is VERY pigmented and long lasting. I'm not sure if the shade really fits my skin tone, but all in all i love it.
It smells really nice, too. I am a big fan of Rimmel London products in general, and this lipsticks it's not an exception. 

I'm a big fan of nude lipsticks, and even though this All about cupcake lipstick looks like it's plain pink lipstick, not a nude one, when you put it on your lips it's like you have nothing on, and it really gives that "nude-ish" look. Also, it's very hydrating, so i recommend it if you're in a search for hydrating, daytime lipstick. I'm actually searching for a nude lipstick with an orange undertone, not pink like this, so if you have any suggestions let me know.

This dark, wine colored lipstick is something in between matte and a hydrating lipstick. It looks really good on the lips and it's very pigmented. If you put a little amount it gives your lips dark pink color, which is very nice.

This is the brightest orange lipstick i've ever tried. It looks dark on this picture, but it's actually really bright, as i said.  It's also very pigmented. I'm not sure about it's lasting, it doesn't stay on your lips for a very long time, but the color is so perfect that i don't really mind that.

(from left to right: Manhattan, Rimmel London, Essence, Classics)

So, that's about it, i hope you find some of this helpful, and you'll have it in your mind on your next lipstick haul.

by: Dona Nedelkovska / October Graves.

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