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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oh My Gold!

Long time ago, i wrote a short post about jewelry and some of my favorite rings, and i remember saying that i prefer silver over gold. 
And that was the case, until recently. With time the golden color really grew on me, i bought few golden pieces, and now i'm obsessed.
Now i manage to combine the two, silver and gold, even rose gold, all together, which was unimaginable to me previously.
And not just jewelry, but make-up and nail-polish as well. 
I really think that golden eyeshadow, eyeliner and red lipstick are the perfect autumnal make-up.
These are some of my "golden" favorites and just a few items i like to wear these days.
What is your favorite color/item this autumn, whether is jewelry, make-up or clothing?

Until Soon.

Donna October Graves
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Feel Good Saturday |||

This week passed so fast, i feel like it was yesterday when i was writing and editing the previous Feel Good Saturday post.
And this morning i felt hopeless and unmotivated, i didn't think i would do a post today, since this week was so hard, lot of things happened with some of my family members, but let's not go there, this posts are meant to be positive, that's the whole point.
So, i got out of bed & i decided to grasp the day and the pretty sunny weather, and i went for a walk with my boyfriend - i mean, if that can't make me feel good, i don't know what will. 
As we were walking we stumbled upon the cutest coffee-shop ever, and even though that place exists for so long, it's the first time i ever bought something from there. It's just that i'm so busy with uni, and i am studying in different city, so it's kinda hard to keep up with things that are going on here in my home town.
We decided to drink something healthy, and bought this yummy & fresh green juice. It was a great addition to our lovely walk.
I'm so sad that i don't have pictures from the actual coffee-shop, to show you all how pretty it is, but maybe i will someday, if i'm gonna feel comfortable enough to take pictures of places where there are lots of people that maybe don't wanna be on camera. :)

|| Nail polish: AURA SheBunny #027 ||

Until soon.

Donna October Graves

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Instagram #2


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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Feel Good Saturday || Mugs

It's safe to say that i am obsessed with mugs. I have a lot of them, but i feel like it's never enough. 
And today, as part of the Feel Good Saturday saga, i went out and bought myself few mugs, and i feel so happy, i can't stop looking at them.
I was going to buy just one, but i couldn't decide which one to take, all the colors were so pretty.
And then i thought - " purple is my favorite color, i'm gonna take it. Then, orange reminds me of autumn, of course i'm gonna take that one as well. The pink is so cute, and the yellow one is so bright and vibrant, i just can't say no to it. "
And that's how my brain works. :)
Now, i'm enjoying this gorgeous looking hot cocoa, and enjoying this sunny Saturday.
Hope you all have an amazing day!

Until Soon.

Donna October Graves

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top 3 Autumn Lipsticks

From top to bottom:

Essence | #09 - Wear Berries!
AURA cosmetics | #83 - Tokyo
Lasting Finish by Kate Moss | Rimmel London | #111 - Kiss of Life

Donna October Graves

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