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Monday, January 28, 2013

Review: Garnier B.B. Cream

Garnier B.B. Miracle Skin Perfector is a facial cream that combines moisturiser, foundation and sunscreen.
It has two types: Original B.B. cream for normal skin, and Oil-free for combination to oily skin.
It's perfect for everyday use if mainly your goal is to even your skin tone.

Anyway, let's start.
It has only one negative side to it, and that is - it only has two shades, Light and Medium, and you really don't have a wide choice to do, since the Medium is very dark and the Light one is very pale.
I took the Medium shade, and even though i have a normal skin, i took the Oil-free by mistake. Actually, i don't know what was i thinking, i think i took that one because the texture seemed lighter.

~ So, here's a trick a did to adjust the cream for my skin type.
I mixed it with a hydrating cream that i use, it's from Avon naturals - peach and cotton.
I mixed 2/3 of it and 1/3 of the Garnier B.B. - and the result is: very light, tinted everyday facial cream, that is going to even your skin tone without drying it. ~
This works, since i don't have problematic skin, i don't have anything to cover. If that's not the case with you, than try mixing equal amounts of the two creams.

The original Garnier B.B. cream has SPF 15 UV Protection, and the Oil-free has SPF 20, which is really good, since we all know UV light is very bad for the skin.
Even though the Garnier B.B. Miracle Skin Perfector it's very light, not like other foundations, it still corrects blemishes, and gives really nice healthy look to your face.
If the shades are not fitting for you, you can buy both of them ( if the price is okay for you ) and mix them together.
I know that it seems like a lot of work to do, you know - buying the two shades or mixing it with hydrating cream, and you kinda ask yourself - Why bother? Why not buying some other product that is going to give me everything i need, all together?
Well, for me, it is worth a while, because the final result is VERY satisfying.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two in one: New Shoes and late birthday gift

I have so much to study this month, you have no idea, and that is the reason why i'm not posting anything.
I'm looking forward to February, for multiple reasons.
First, and most important - 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend!
Second of all, there's gonna be a new episode of The Walking Dead, i am so in love with this show and i can't wait for their pause to be over.
Third, i will start posting pictures of myself then and i will dedicate myself to this blog a little bit more.
And there is the obvious reason - all of the exams are going to end. FINALLY!

Anyway, since i felt so depressed these days, i am not going out much and i am surrounded by books, i needed something to cheer me up, so i went out for a short period of time, and i got myself a new shoes. Yey.
Girl's gotta do, what girl's gotta do.

There is something else that really cheered me up.
My best friend surprised me. I wasn't expecting her to bring me anything for my birthday, because i didn't have a celebration or anything like that, but she just showed up at my door with a present and a little peace of cake with a candle on it ( i didn't get a picture of that, unfortunately ).

She got me this rock 'n' roll clothes hanger, isn't it cool?
And also a scented candle.
The other candles were a late gift from my cousin.
They know i adore scented candles.

I swear i am done with these birthday-gift posts. :)

Oh and by the way, since i love photography ( i am an amateur :)) i will post some of my photographies now and then. Along side with The Thought ( or a lyric ) Of The Day.

"Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain.

October Graves.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013


This morning me and my mom went out for a little birthday shopping. We went straight to one of the local stores where i spotted this certain shirt few months ago...
And finally, i got it! Thanks mom!

And my boyfriend got me this beautiful black onyx necklace

I absolutely adore gemstones, and as you may know every month has its own representing stone, and black onyx is for January ( along with garnet ), and of course is the gemstone of the astrological sign Capricorn.

Onyx jewelry is worn to defend against negativity that is directed at you. Fortifies self confidence and responsibility. Sharpens your senses. Encourages a healthy egotism.

And, here is a semi-picture of my cake, it was actually Christmas tree shaped, but i didn't get full picture of it.

                                    Now 21,
October Graves.

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Saturday, January 5, 2013


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...when spring comes.

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... a few drops of Joy.

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...zombie apocalypse.

I am obsessed with horror movies, especially ZOMBIE movies. So, i'm often daydreaming about what would be most comfortable to wear if the zombie outbreak happens. Okay, i'm kidding. :)
BUT, anyway this set was inspired by zombie movies, and also by my favorite Tv show - The Walking Dead.
I want a Zombie Killer bracelet!

...zombie apocalypse.

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...dark shadow loves blue.

I made this set because i loved the simple mix between blue and black, it is mysterious and elegant, and i actually wore similar outfit to my sisters engagement party. I will post a picture of it in the near future.

...dark shadow loves blue.

Short lace cocktail dress

HALABY blue ring

Jamie joseph

Gee Beauty cream eyeliner
$22 - eluxe.ca

Yves saint laurent

Essie nail polish

OTTMAR HORL Black rose
$125 - farfetch.com

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