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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Room Tour

I love minimalism and simplicity, and that was my main idea for how i wanted my room to be when i was moving here few months ago...
I live in this apartment for less than a year and i still feel like i'm in a transition period because lot of my stuff ( clothes, books, candles, teddybears:) etc ) are still stored in boxes and bags & i can't find enough space for them, because my previous room was bigger. So while i was cleaning earlier i kinda got the need to take a few photos of my work, and then i decided to do a Room Tour post, since i love posts like this. Also i am always browsing the internet for room designs for ideas, or just pictures to drool on :) 
So, here it is. If you guys like it, do a post like this, i would love to see it.

My bed and the two posters - The Walking Dead & Sin City.

The nightstand.

The "mini library".

 The closet and also the desk where i spend most of my time studying.

My dresses and belts are on the left, and on the other side i keep my coats, jackets, some shirts and sweaters, purses and so on.

The lovely corner, where i keep my candles and photos of me and my boyfriend.

The horror corner, where i keep my favorite movies, the horror-notebook and the Jason Voorhees mask. ( I just realised that my notebook was randomly opened on the page where the movie with Paul Walker - Joy Ride is written, and now two days later i hear about his death... Weird and sad :S. May he R.I.P.)

The bunny collection. These baloons are gifts from my boyfriend and they represent each year that we've been together. I hope i collect 100! 

This is where i keep some of my make-up, mostly lipsticks.

The memory box and my lovely sheep. :)

The mini closet for the rest of my clothes.

Narnia :) 
Actually, this door leads to what's supposed to be bathroom or a closet room, but my mom uses it for some of her things, i don't even go there.

Hope you like this post. :)

by: Donna October Graves


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