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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Feel Good Saturday

Not to long ago, i started my last year of university. And even though it's been just a few weeks, i already feel very tired, unmotivated, dull... And i realized that i must try to cheer myself up with doing random things that make me feel good. I'm busy over the week, and the only day i can dedicate to myself is Saturday.
I feel that doing something nice for yourself is very important for our well-being, it keeps us going, gives us strength and makes getting out of bed every morning a lot easier.

So, right now i'm making a promise to myself, that i'm gonna try to make this posts a regular thing, where every Saturday i will be doing whatever makes me feel nice, whether that's a little thing that i take for granted, like cup of tea, favorite tv-show, movie, comfort food, travel somewhere & i'm gonna capture every moment with my camera.

Until Soon.

Donna October Graves


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