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Friday, April 17, 2015

Smokey Eyes Set #010 Smoking Area - Catrice Cosmetics

As you can tell by the photos, the colors in this set are very basic, and they contain 4 different shades - shimmery white, metallic grey, shimmery dark grey and black color, which is a creamy eye shadow, and it's basically a gel eyeliner.
Because of the fact that this set has not only eye shadows, but a gel eyeliner as well, it is the perfect palette for traveling, because you have everything you need in one little box.
The packaging is also very practical because it has an applicator and an eyeliner brush, which you don't have to use if you don't want to, of course, but it is very practical if you're out of your standard make up brushes. I know when i'm traveling somewhere i don't like to bring all of my make up brushes, and that's why i find applicators so helpful.
I am very satisfied pigmentation wise, because you do get a great result and an intense color with just one layer of eye shadow. The first two colors are pretty sheer, but with an eye shadow base, you'll get a great result.
The formula is also very satisfying, they are very creamy and easy to apply.
All in all, a great product, and great for those of you who love shimmer. Unfortunately if you're into matte eye shadows, this one is definitely not for you.

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  1. Одлично изгледа палетата! Дефинитивно би ми послужила за секојдневно носење во ташна :D

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  2. Ме освои со гелот :) Се надевам ќе видиме како ги користиш :)


  3. Nice colours


  4. Love this palette!
    Haave a nice weekend dear,

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  6. Awesome post! Love the palette :)



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