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Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Adventures of Donna October ~ August 2017

I didn't realize how many pictures I have from the past 6 months, until lot of people, including friends and family, asked me to see the photos of all the places I was. I told them, y'all gonna see the photos once I edit. And then I open my folders, and I see chaos. No way I can edit all those one by one, and then show all of it to everybody separately... I mean, that would take a while. One of the ways of me organizing my photos is here, on my blog. But, it takes longer and not everybody has the time to check my blog and all of those posts. So, being obsessed with youtube, I kinda got this idea, that it would be a lot easier if I chose my favorite photos and then combine all of them in few videos ( 6 videos to be exact, one for each month ).
And it's a good thing for me - organizing my memories.
I'm still new to this, I will improve as I make more and more videos, but for now, here is the first month of my 6 month long adventure.

Until Soon.

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