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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bye Bye Summer!

Autumn has arrived.
This outfit is probably the last time i'm wearing shorts this year, but that's fine with me, because i'm looking forward to autumn and all it's perks. Sweaters, warm coats, boots, and on the other hand hot coffee or yummy cocoa ( i hate tea, makes me sick ), watching horror movies and TV shows with my boyfriend, Halloween ( i'm orthodox, and we don't celebrate Halloween in my country, but i still love it and i'm making myself a little Halloween celebration every year :) ) , but i'll write post about it then.
For now, i wanted to show you this pastel based outfit. I'm usually wearing these outfit with flats, but the occasion was a bit special, so i decided to wear heels, even though i'm not fan of high heels and i wear them rarely.

by: Donna October Graves


  1. И јас се збогував со есента, во пост со кратка суќничка хахах.. Сега се кошулите и слоевите облека на ред (што морам да признаам, многу повеќе ги сакам).
    Кошулата е прекрасна, и ми се допаѓа што оваа секојдневна комбинација, која може да се носи и со обични патичиња - си ја 'кренала' на штикли :)
    Супер изгледаш :)

    Нов пост кај мене:
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  2. Hi beautiful!
    thanks for the comment on my blog, of course we can follow each other!
    I have! I'm waiting for you! :)


  3. Jewelry and the bag are lovely :)


  4. nice outfit!
    thanks for commenting on my blog :)



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