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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Costa Maya ~ Mexico

Mexico is in the top 3 places I've visited and I will definitely go back again, especially in Cozumel, cause I made some friends there and I would like to see them again, but also the place is just... it feels like home for some reason.
However, Costa Maya was also fun. I especially liked the days when I would go out by myself and just drink coffee and discover all the little shops and places, HOWEVER there was this one day when me and the whole team went at a waterpark & zipline together. I was enjoying the day and I wasn't taking a lot of photos, but that waterpark was so fun. I thought I was gonna be scared of the zipline cause it's like very high off the ground and you go through trees and you land in a pool, but oh my, it was so fun. Luckily, they have a website, here it is: https://maya-park.com/ . But I do have a lot of photos from Costa Maya,  I just realized that while I was writing this, and I didn't even edit some of them. Alright, enjoy!

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